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Bart fickt mrs krabappel

He ran up to them, picking all the infants up and running back inside of the White House, hurriedly looking for his aging gun and turning them back into sexy women. And you know they love it! Feeling this, Bart fickt mrs krabappel stopped bouncing her, him still completely hard, before lifting Lisa off of him, throwing her on the ground before forcing her onto Bart fickt mrs krabappel fours, aiming his aging gun at his cock and making it become 30 inches, spreading her asshole and thrusting inside of Lisa, her cries of pained pleasure not being noticed by Bart after he exclaimed, "This is your punishment for having to make me do this again! Bart pulled out the other gun and used it on her, "Tying up some loose ends. He turned to all the other women present, walking up to Marge and Krabapple before picking them up, holding them over his shoulders as they gave cries of surprise.

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