Making A Great Demo With A Recording Studio

If you are serious about a career in music, whether it be singing in a band or playing a musical instrument, you need to make a professional demo CD in a recording studio. Making your own demo on your computer won’t being as professional or of good sound quality as a more respected recording studio with much better equipment. The acoustics are better, the tools utilized is usually state of the art, and you have the expertise of a producer or engineer to assist improve the sound quality of your demo.

Checking with many studios when looking for a location to record your own demo will benefit you tremendously. Many things are very important but cost is not everything. You want to be sure you find a studio that’s using up-to-date recording equipment, software and programs. Check out a few different recording studios and request a copy of a CD they’ve created. Compare the demo to other CD’s on your own stereo system. Does it seem professional? Is the CD of excellent quality? Are the instruments and vocals clear? Most essential is the quality of the demo in which you would be giving to talent scouts or agents be described as a perfect representation of your music.

For those who have friends who are in music or if perhaps you network with other musicians, find out where they’ve recorded before. You may want to listen to their CD’s and compare them to professional top quality CD’s. Learn what they thought of the studio and if they liked recording there. Another critical thing besides quality is the way you connect with the staff and the producer or engineer. You would want to be relaxed working together with the staff since you will be working closely together. The main focus for them ought to be how your CD is going to sound. They really should not tell you how to sing or play your instrument; they ought to be more concerned about the caliber of your demo. Your sound should be as clear and professional as possible using the tools and technique they use. A producer or engineer needs to be nice and easy to work with and also patient. This can certainly have you feeling more comfortable in the recording studio and you’ll be able to give your very best performance for your demo.

As soon as your demo is completed then mailing the CD out to talent scouts, record labels and agents is next. Many artists and music artists get their start by playing in cafes or clubs, so it is smart to give your demo to those types of locations as well. Submitting your CD to various music venues or local expos for possible performance opportunities in the future.

Finding a studio best for you is only one step in this process. When it comes to a career in music, you need to be persistent. Not everyone will call you back when you provide them with your demo. Keep networking within the music industry and keep learning all you should know about being a great artist or musician and at some point your dreams will come true.

Photographs that displays emotions not just poses!

Besides knowing the technical details of the camera, photographers today need to understand the various emotions they try to capture that bring the picture to life. Nowadays, newly weds do not like pictures that are mere poses. They prefer pictures that display the love, joy and happiness that they both are feeling. And to click pictures such as the aforementioned, the photographer needs to have passion and understanding of human emotions that can be displayed through various moves.

Lilo photo design is one such place where you can land up while surfing romantic wedding pictures on the internet. Lilo is an award winner photographer and is also a Nationally Accredited Professional Photographer. If you are looking for a photographers in Victoria BC, then it is worthy to note that you check Lilo photo design and then take your final decision. Lilo works with passion and closely understands the chemistry between the two newly weds. He capture moments that somehow tells a story and displays a journey of their bonding.

Wedding photography is cherished through out one’s life, therefore it is imperative that you choose a photographer in which you have full faith and have seen and evaluated his work. It is highly advisable that when the time comes to choose your wedding photographer, you should do some research on your part and see various photographers’ work to understand the style of photography of each photographer. To make your process easy, if you are looking for a wedding photographers in Victoria BC, then Lilo Photo Design could be in your final selection. Lilo has clicked many newly weds and understand the emotions close to his heart. Not only wedding, Lilo is also an expert in corporate commercials and portraits. Understanding the landscape is one of his core strengths. His portraits capture moments that are priceless. Weather it a new baby or a newly wed, Lilo does his job just perfectly. The pictures leave you speechless and full of emotions. The color and tone of the picture help to showcase a journey.

When one grows old and looks back at his/her life, wedding comes up as one of the big landmarks of life. Make sure when you look at your wedding photo album down the years, it still manages to bring a twinkle in the eye. Lilo photo design promises to deliver just that.

The Scoop on Dish Sports Packages

Sports is easily one of the most popular pastimes in America, and many people who are unable or unwilling to attend live sporting events can easily watch anything from football to hockey with their DISH sports packages instead. Sports packages are tiered groups of sports channels, and the packages typically feature a much higher concentration of sports shows than any other genre of shows. This means that instead of having to wade through shows you have no interest in, you can catch up with your favorite team almost any time instead.

Depending on the package you get, many DISH sports packages will feature up two hundred channels of action packed viewing. Each package may have options for the number of sports channels you get, with prices varying accordingly. You can also get local sports channels in addition to nationally televised shows, so you never have to miss out on your local teams in action. You can stack packages to make sure you get your favorite sport in focus, so if you love college basketball, you can enjoy a package that features exclusive viewing for college basketball.

Thanks to the diversity of the available packages, even the more obscure sporting events can be enjoyed in your home, even if the event is around the world. Sports like cricket, horse racing, soccer and hockey are featured with many DISH sports packages. This means that you can see international events no matter what, and if you have the capabilities in your package, you can record a soccer event in Brazil that takes place in a different time zone and instead of watching it at three am, you can record it and watch it on your time. Many people enjoy being able to record their fave sports events, just to watch it later and rehash the game with friends.

According to statistics, the average American household watches over six hours of television a day. This means that your Dish package actually has a great deal of influence in your life. Poor viewing quality or poor package options can ruin an entire family’s television viewing pleasure, so you need to carefully take the time to consider exactly what you want to watch and how much you are willing to pay. There are so many options when it comes to sports packages that you can easily find the best package that will make sure everyone is happy when they sit down in front of the TV.

3 Basic Secrets to Learning The Art of Magic!

With celebrity magicians like Criss Angel, David Blaine, Derren Brown & David Copperfield performing magic on television people all around the world are becoming more and more interested in learning The Art of Magic. Even more so in Atlanta Georgia because Atlanta is home to some of the worlds top magicians.

If have you ever watched a magician and said to yourself WOW how are they able to do that I would love to learn some magic so I can show my friends and family a few really cool tricks, then this article will explain steps you can take in order to properly learn the art of magic.

First step is to understand that magic is like any other skill and you must be interested in learning how to do it correctly.

Once you have made the choice that you want to be good then here are the three basic secrets to learning The Art of Magic.

Secret #1 – You must learn from a professional magician that gets paid to perform and performs on a regular basis. All great magicians including the ones mentioned in the beginning of this article have had a magic mentor, someone that has taught them the real secrets to the art of magic and equally important what traps to avoid.
Your magic mentor does not need to be someone you have personal contact with – if you do have personal contact with this person that’s even better but it’s not necessary. They do need to have the skill set to teach you what you need to learn. Here are two easy methods to help you make your choice in locating a professional magician you can learn from. First if you have seen a professional magician perform a LIVE show and enjoyed what you saw just ask this person if they are willing to teach you how to learn the art of magic. If they say yes your on your way to being amazing. Second method do some research online and find a magical arts academy that will teach you how to learn magic. Important – before you commit to learning from any magic instructor make sure you see an uncut video of them performing in front of a LIVE Audience in a venue that looks like they were paid to perform. If you like what you saw explore further but make sure you do your home work first.

Secret #2 – Magic is a three sided triangle.
1. Tricks
2. Technique & Psychology
3. Presentation Skills
Everyone wants to spend all of their time on “the tricks” but the other two sides of the triangle are equally important. Here is a Fantastic tip The Greatest Magicians in the world perform no more then 10 tricks but they have totally mastered those ten. You only need a few really good illusions to blow your audiences minds. Remember you must master each side of the triangle to be really effective.

Secret #3 – THE BEST Magic tricks are not in a place were everyone can easily find them. Even with the explosion of the internet the real secrets of magic are hidden away and will remain hidden for a very long time.

So there you go 3 basic secrets to learning the Art of Magic. As you continue your research don’t be afraid to explore online and offline resources. Here is a Bonus Secret – Magicians hide there best secrets in books. So make sure you visit your local Library and Bookstore.

The Importance of Online Music PR for EDM and Urban Music Artists

In today’s world it seems that everyone wants to be a singer, rapper, producer etc, the list goes on and on, but it has not always been something that has been achievable to the masses due to restriction such as finding a label that will sign you, and once finding a label, getting a contract that allows the artist to have the creative control they desire. However for a while now the music industry has started to evolve, making the once impossible very possible and its down to two key things, the uprising of the independent record label and the birth of web 2.0, it is now possible for everyone to musician or record label owner.

Now it is no longer necessary for aspiring musicians to even be signed to a label, be it and indie or a major. With the birth of web 2.0 it is possible for artist to be visible within their market with the use of online tools to map out some form of PR strategy. We are no longer restricted to hearing new artists via radio play and the record store’s new artist sections. In today’s society everybody is online with their own individual online presence enabling them to interact with the masses through the use of social media, which includes social networks, websites and Apps. This now means that as an artist you have an audience of maximum reach as there are no limits to your distribution.

Short Course on Products – Covering The Basics

A couple of UK artist we can see that heavily use online PR within the urban scene includes the likes of, Wiley, Skepta, JME, Lethal Bizzle and the list continues. These artists use social media including Twitter, Facebook and official websites to interact with fans and keep them up to date on new releases, tours, competitions, merchandise availability and also to show the world that they are human through normal interaction and conversation with their fan base.

Lethal Bizzle is a UK artist and entrepreneur who is a great example of how online PR should be used by all artists and record labels to give them more visibility with their market and to generate revenue. Bizzle 30, of Walthamstow, London has been on the urban scene since 2002 but managed to stay underground till 2004 when he released POW which entered the UK Singles Chart at number 11 in its first week on the chart in 2005, and which reached number one on the UK Dance Chart. However he disappeared from the commercial scene up until 2011 when he re-released POW (2011) and started using a host of social media to interact with his fans. Bizzle currently uses YouTube, Twitter, Facebook, his official website and Stay Dench app as PR tools that help him promote his music, brand (Stay Dench), merchandise and last but not least communicate with his consumers. The use of such tools have allowed Bizzle to reach a market which spans further than those who listen to UK urban and dance music.

Online practices of PR allow for people who wouldn’t necessarily be a part of an artist primary audience to see what they are doing and what they are about, in many cases this often leads that individual to want to find out more about that artist which in time can leave them being a new fan/consumer.

The Urban and EDM industry are ones that don’t always see many artists make it on commercial level but instead it sees their artists remain in the underground realm. This no longer has to be the case and this is because we now have access to online PR.

Performing Arts Brings Joy And Color to Life

Online music PR is a service that Urban and EDM artists should exploit. As mentioned before the online PR allows musicians to reach a much bigger audience than if they were to just use traditional offline PR methods, which will often just target media that that particular artist’s primary audience interacts with. Online PR is what I like to call proactive, it enables you go out and get the artist music or product seen by whoever your audience may be, directly. Once you have high visibility online it will open artists to a whole host of opportunities that will benefit their carrier. Furthermore Online PR eliminates the waiting around that is normally involved in offline PR which involves sending press releases to journalist and bloggers that may or may not get back to you.

Lastly online PR allows the artist or record label to have more control over what is being said about the artist and their work, it also allows you to still engage with the fans from a remote location. All in all online PR is the way forward it is mobile with an unlimited reach.

Animations To Promote Business

Record the Right Way, With a Professional Quality Recording Studio

Making the decision to start recording as a musician means that you’ve got a sound that you believe is special, and you think that listeners will benefit from hearing it. You’ve put your time in at the local open mics and a few featured gigs, but now is the time to see how much farther your music can travel if given the convenience and portability of a mixtape or a demo.

The problem then becomes, how can a burgeoning artist or band record their music with professionalism on a minimalist’s budget? To fight against this, many artists will simply buy home recording equipment on discount and attempt to build their own incarnation of a recording studio in their basement or garage, using pillows and blankets to dampen the sound. Aside from taking more time and effort than renting a professional quality recording studio, a home recording will simply create an inferior product and do little to help your career as a musician. Renting a professional recording studio for high quality music production will create recordings worth listening to; recordings that will show your dedication and talent through the clarity of each note.

Any musician or artist would love to believe that recording quality is secondary to the actual music being listened to. Good songwriting and earnest performance can shine through the technical limitations of any record, right? The harsh reality, however, is the opposite. With the sheer volume of musicians producing and recording these days, any music recording that isn’t exemplary of top tier production will immediately receive a demerit from the listener (whether they’re a recording professional or a potentially influential fan). Especially if you’re hoping to have your demo get into the hands of an A&R exec or other music promoter, a professional music recording studio will afford you the high quality recordings you need to be taken seriously.

Next, a recording studio will have producers and technicians on hand that are specialized in using the equipment in the studio. You are a musician. Especially in the early parts of your career, you should be focused on cultivating your songwriting and refining your voice as an artist. Spend time perfecting your music rather than learning how to produce and work the technical aspects of professional grade music recording equipment. Professional producers have the talent and the trained ear for sound and subtly that will help them calibrate the equipment and get the best recording out of your performance possible.

Finally, chances are high that making music is only a secondary money earning gig until you can really get off the ground as an artist. Being budgeted and cost conscious will pay off major dividends for an artist, enabling the use of the most cutting edge and precise equipment without the heavy investment that comes with funding your own comparable studio at home. To save further on studio time, cultivate a few songs to perfection, and book studio time to record them at the professional level. The result will be a demo that shows the best that you have to offer. A demo that sounds crisp and professional in a way that couldn’t possibly be matched with a more expensive personal kit recorded at home.

Using Time-Lapse Photography to Save Money on Construction Projects

Time lapse photography and time lapse footage can help save money and increase profit on both large scale and small scale construction projects. It’s a bold claim, given that timelapse photography seems remote and far removed from the construction world, but let’s think about this together, and see if we can reach any conclusions.

Time-lapse photography is a lengthy and difficult process, but essentially it’s where a series of photographs are taken from a fixed point at prescribed intervals, and then the individual shots or frames are edited together. When this edit is played back at 25 frames per second, it has the effect of condensing the passage of time into manageable chunks, where the viewer can easily see and appreciate large scale changes in only a couple of minutes.

How can this be of benefit to you if you are the construction manager or project manager on a building site? Well, any sufficiently complex construction project will have a well-defined, and rigidly adhered to, schedule of work. This schedule of work will tell the management team everything they need to know in terms of getting materials, plant and labour to the right place at the right time.

But how closely is this plan monitored against actual events? And how reliable is the information you have received? Having time-lapse footage of the entire project can give you an invaluable resource to compare against your schedule of work. You will be able to tell, visually, whether the materials, plant and labour arrived at the correct location, in the right order and at the right time. It will obviously be too late to do anything about it by this point. However, next time you have to write your schedule of work for the next project, you will have better knowledge and will be able to make a more informed choice about when to order what you need. That timelapse footage will enable you to get the equipment, materials and labour on site just-in-time, meaning that you won’t be tying up valuable resources wastefully. That means more profit on the job, or the ability to offer services more cost effectively than your competitors.

One other way in which such services can not only save you money, but are very useful, is in the area of ultra high definition site monitoring. The best time-lapse companies offering time-lapse services also allow you to view your project through on-line viewers from desktops, smartphones and tablets. This means that you, your surveyors, architects, etc can view very clear images (much better than any webcam) to discuss and share etc. You can also offer this service to your clients and stake-holders etc. These images, taken with the correct HD equipment (Again NOT just webcams) can allow you to zoom into particular areas of your site/project to scrutinise particular detail. This makes any monitoring and discussions about the site very convenient, even for those who cannot get to the actual location of the project.

Plus….If all this wasn’t enough – any marketing people can use either the individual ‘still’ frames, or even the live feed to websites in order to communicate to broader publics.

Advantages of BMX Online Games

The online BMX games are free over the internet so the one playing the game won’t lose anything apart from the time he/she takes in playing the BMX game online. The other important advantage of the online BMX game is that it is very safe, since no accidents are incurred by the game players. Consequently the games are being used to help learners to study mechanics within what is called BMX stunts.

BMX games can be shared by both pals and family members hence it makes people to come together and correlate with each other this promotes cohesion among the players involved. It is played over the internet by the use of flash player hence making the whole thing enjoyable and fun. It provides a form of free entertainment and enables the player to detect risks the he could have encountered in the real world scenario.

After the bikers have watched the way the riders on the screen are moving and applying controls and the tricks the can gain a lot and will be able to apply the same themselves in the real world situation. When playing the this kind of game on the screen ,the players are able to identify possible source of injuries and will be able to figure out a preventive measure so that they don’t find the same kind of injuries during the real world practices.

In playing the BMX game only an internet enabled computer system is required therefore the players of this game do not need going extra mile purchasing more of the gaming consoles which might be very expensive. And I think all of us know how purchasing this kinds of game gadgets can be more expensive as when we assume that a family wants to buy such gadgets to be able to play the game everyone in the family interested in playing the same will have to be given say his/her own head gear and other protective clothing which will prove expensive.

Consequentially, on trying to outrun other the opponents the people playing the game will have to use some tricks to outshine the rest hence increases their capabilities in solving the various life problems. Because this game is played using computers, the players get to know different physical components of the computers especially the key pad and hence advancing their knowledge in computing. Plus a player can get interested to know how what he is playing operates, and may go an extra mile to study the programs for fun but later get involved in game development as a career.

To crown it all, on the part of the children, the bmx games can help them not roaming in the dangerous streets anyhow, because they will always be held up in game playing therefore they will have little or no time to roam about that may lead to them getting dirty, injured or being abducted. To conclude, it is good for people to play bmx games online to experience the adverse advantages, but the decision lies on the individual.

Getting Your Book out of Your Head and onto the Bookshelves

Getting Your Book out of Your Head and onto the Bookshelves

Step One: Write

It sounds very simple but the first step in getting a book published is to start writing it. Just about everyone who I meet that knows I have published a book tell me some variation of the story about their book; the one that hasn’t been written yet. Their questions include is it hard? Yes, but it’s much harder if you don’t start. Or, how did you find a publisher or do you have an agent? Those are the wrong questions.

It is hard to write a book but the only way to make it any easier is to start writing. You can start with an outline, you can start with identifying your themes or main characters, or you can start by writing a short story instead of a book. If you want to write a book then pick up your pen or turn on your computer and get started. Once you get started there a billion suggestions about to make it a good, even great book, online or from successful authors. But you have to start. Forget about getting a publisher or an agent or what you will say to people at your book launch and just write.

Step Two: Share

Once you have written the first chunk of your book then you have to share what you’ve written with people that will give you feedback. Your friends and family are the best choice for your first round. They love you, I hope, and like you as well so they are likely going to be kind in their critique of your initial work of genius. Ask them to tell you not just whether or not they liked it, even though your ego really, really wants them to, but the parts they liked and even more importantly what they didn’t like about your creation.

If you have not learned this lesson already, now is the time to learn to graciously accept feedback. All of it. The only way your writing and your book will improve is if you can hear criticism and not take it personally. Remember that these are the people who like you. When you get out in the real world, publishers, agents, book reviewers and critics are mean and will not care one whit about your feelings. So share your writing early and often

Step Three: Talk to the Pros

After you have completed what you think is a decent draft of your book you will need some professional advice. You need to find someone who has published a book to talk to. Ask them what they did and thank them. Ask them to have a look at your book and make suggestions. Find a (cheap) editor who will have a look at your book and offer their guidance. The reason that you want a cheap editor at this point is that your work is probably not worth a full editing treatment yet. It may be someday but not yet.
You can usually find local published authors on a general Google search but you can also look up local author organizations. Or check out the national groups and associations of authors and writers. If you are writing in a particular genre like mystery for example there are tons of mystery and crime contacts online. Writing magazines also have listing at the back of their mags of fairly cheap editing services that you can try out.

Step Four Decide on Your Route

If you want to go the traditional publishing route, good luck. It really is like trying to find a way to squeeze through the eye of a needle. All of you and your book too! To get a major publisher to take on your book you have to be famous already or have an agent. To get an agent you have to get thorough their maze of assistants and gatekeepers just to get them to have a look at a sample of your work. If you can’t get an agent then it’s very difficult to get a traditional publishing contract. You can try, but prepare to spend at least a year and a whole lot of rejection trying.

There are however many other options today courtesy of self-publishing and e-books. E-books are an option because for about $100.00 you can get your manuscript formatted to fit all the major e-book types and also get it up on sale on Amazon and all other major e-book retailers. Self-publishing is also effective and fairly inexpensive, especially POD (Print on Demand) models that only print books when they are published. For less than $1,000.00 you can get your name up in lights. Well not really but you can have a professionally produced book and e-book that is ready for the bookshelves.

Relevant Advice That Will Help You Decide On The Ultimate Filming Spot

“Aaaaaaaand action!” These two well-known words are notorious in the film business, and when it is declared, the film crew must be all set to shoot the scene. However, on occasion, important things may go wrong, and when that occurs, it can be expensive, you can lose valuable time, and you can use up priceless resources to correct the blunders. That’s why it is so important to look at filming locations ahead of time, to make sure that they fit all your needs. The few suggestions here are necessary to apply when you are studying different locales for a film shoot.

One of the biggest problems for finding filming locations is choosing ones you can hold on short notice. Plenty of places ask you to make a reservation weeks, sometimes months, in advance. Developing a back-up plan of places is important if your first location does not work out. As you call around, inquire to the managers about the number of weeks in advance they are booked out, and if they’re open to allowing you to call on short notice.

The day of the week that you get the booking can also be very crucial to think about. A great deal of places will not let you film on weekdays, because they have standard business hours running and you would be in the way. When you make your list of places to film, decide which locations enable you to film through the normal weekday. This will lead to arranging your film crew to shoot on locations that are best suited for the venue and more difficult-to-shoot places appropriately.

In public locations, you could have trouble with arbitrary people walking through or arriving at your set unintentionally. This may be especially very challenging on the weekends, when individuals are off work and more prone to walk around. When you decide your weekend locations, be sure to have a plan in place that should direct the flow of traffic for people around the area. Would you ask those random individuals to just hang around and look normal within your shot? Another question to ask yourself is, should you rope off the location or will you only permit the employed actors to be on location? Do you have the manpower and assistance from the local government bodies to be able to prohibit public access to a big enough area for your scene? It’s important to avoid a filming location which you cannot maintain control of.

Something that many people don’t bother to take into account is the crime rate at your filming location. It’s essential to always have excellent security put on set, because if you do not, you run the potential risk of endangering your crew or getting your valuable equipment stolen. Unless you are willing and able to get enough security to defend yourselves against this kind of possibilities, then it may very well be smart to choose another location for your movie.

So, be sure to answer the next questions when deciding your film set: Can you get yourself a location on brief notice? Can you shoot on a weekday? Is it possible to manage the public crowds? Can you secure your crew, location and gear from crime? When you can answer these kinds of fundamental questions, you will then be well-informed capable to decide the very best location to film.